Peel Smart Remote App Reviews

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Ne marche pas

Fonctionne bien sur Samsung mais pas sur liphone. Dommage.

Out of country

Please add the country Philippines. I cant use it if it isnt available in our country and it saddens me.

Useless on iPhone

Had this on my galaxy note edge and worked great. Now Ive changed to an iPhone it doesnt work! Has to connect the device on wifi but my tv isnt a smart tv. Connect and worked fine on my Samsung galaxy note edge though. Very disappointing.

Requires a Smart TV for IPhone

Disappointed that my boyfriends phone can use this app on his Samsung phone but I cant use it on an iPhone.

Dont bother.

If youre works a billion times better on a Galaxy phone.

Waste of time

Only works for 10 supported devices. NOT an actual remote. This app is triple D... Done-Dislike-Deleted!


Found my Roku 3, not my Chromecast or Harmony Hub or smartthings . Not smart home aware.

Its finally working on my Apple Watch! Great job u guys. Very late but at least now its working.

Now it doesnt work with my bluray player. Sad. Switched from S6 Edge to IPhone 6s+

Wont work

I used this app on my Samsung and it was great. Now I have iPhone 6 and I have to buy pronto for this to work? That doesnt make sense to me.

Only wish I could use it for more of my stuff!

I love this app; I just wish I could use it for my obscurely-branded speakers, fireplace, and XBOX!

No go on iPhone

Why why why wont it work on iPhone 6s? Only gives me TV guide and no option to put in tv brand to pair

Not working on Apple Watch

The app on the watch hasnt worked right since Watch OS 2.2 was released. Im hoping this will get fixed on your next update since it didnt get fixed on this one.

Deleted in 5 minutes

No need to mention anything else. Nuff said.


This app is complete garbage. Doesnt work on iPhones. Says it cant find devices over my internet when there clearly are. Fu*king trash


It works on my iPhone 6s and tells you what movies are on or if you want a specific section they have it 10/10

iPhone app great - Apple Watch app, broken

**make sure you update the pronto device firmware if your iPhone app doesnt work well with the pronto device** The iPhone app itself is great. The app makes it so easy to find shows and movies, and quickly lets me tune into them. The remote works great now, after updating the firmware. The Apple Watch app however is awful. It hasnt worked properly since its release. Pressing the buttons on the watch rarely does anything, like there is no connection. PLEASE FIX THE APPLE WATCH FUNCTIONALITY.

Stupid Wifi Connectivity

I hate this new feature that forces you to connect to your tv and cable over wifi. It gives me no other option when all it tells me is that it could not find any device on my network.

Doesnt work

Doesnt work on iPhone 6s


Compete garbage on iPhone.. Works fkawless on my Note 4

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